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Project Description

ASP NET is a great framework for building web applications. However, its Web UI lacks on functionality and this is where our mission comes into place. The purpose of the SharpPieces project is to be an open-source contribution to the ASP NET variety of resources.

You too are always welcome to contribute with feedback, tests or even development. We are open to your ideas so drop us a message and we will fastly take it into consideration.

SharpPieces controls go hand-in-hand with the latest Microsoft technologies. With the launch of ASP.NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008 we are ready with native support for the latest framework and IDE so you can begin building your solutions fast.

Various ASP NET controls:

  • ExtendedDropDownList - Extended Asp .net DropDownList to support optgroup tag.
  • LiveGrid - an ASP.NET control over the existing js component (
  • ImageCheckbox - checkbox similar control using images.
  • Rating - highly customizable rating control.
  • Upload - Multiple file selection in one upload via Ajax. Easy to setup, is server independent, completely styleable via CSS and XHTML. Based on the FancyUpload implmentation of
  • DynamicImage - built-in image control and handler to apply different effects to images. The handler is overridable so you can customize the image source.
  • CaptchaImage - captcha control to prevent automatic submissions.
  • GradientButton - custom image button with auto-generated image, a lot of built-in image templates.

... and others to come

The SharpPieces suite now contains the following set of web controls for ASP.NET:

liveGrid.jpg optgroup.jpg
LiveGrid - Asp.Net implementation of RicoGrid. ExtendedDropDownList & ExtendedListBox - Extended DropDownList & ListBox which support groups.
dynamicImage.jpg dynamicButton.jpg
DynamicImage - Asp.Net image control, used for manipulating images. Rotate, sepia, grayscale and other effects. GradientButton - User definable image templates for generating gradient image.
imageCheckbox.jpg captcha.jpg
ImageCheckbox - Asp.Net image checkbox control with client API support. CaptchaImage - Asp.Net captcha implementation.
rating.jpg upload.jpg
Rating - Asp.Net rating control. Customizable star image, customizable number of items. Upload - Asp.Net multiple file upload control.

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