After file select, upload never starts

Oct 16, 2009 at 12:50 AM

I was very excited find the fancy upload component and I was hoping to implement it right away on my site, though I ran into this problem while including on a page.

I'm able to select files and they appear as their names regularly, but the files never upload, the status percentage never changes.

When looking at Tamper Data in firefox, it shows a request to WebResource.axd, but that does not exist on my site or the demo site I downloaded here.

Here are the steps I took to try and install the component:

  1. Added a reference to SharpPieces.Web.Controls.dll
  2. Added "<%@ Register assembly="SharpPieces.Web.Controls" namespace="SharpPieces.Web.Controls" tagprefix="piece" %>" to the page
  3. Added "<piece:Upload  Runat="server" ID="fancyUpload" OnFileReceived="upload_FileReceived" BrowseText="Select Files" />" to the page where the control to appear

Are there some other prerequisite files I need to copy?

Additionally, I've read references to a .swf file here in Discussions, but no SWF files exist in the demo site.

Thanks in advance.